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13 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Delta Carry On Size

Very few airlines are there to put before you the detailed baggage policies. It is the Delta Air Lines that is ready to offer a straightforward set of rules when it comes to determine how to pack and what to bring with you. However, when the variety of different membership levels come to the forefront, along with co-branded credit cards and available destinations, norms are being changed every now and then. 

Delta Airlines and Carry-on Baggage Guidelines

1. Personal items and carry-ons: Every passenger is allowed to bring one personal item on a Delta Air Lines flights and one standard carry-on bag along with. The personal item has no defined size. The only condition is that it must fit under your front seat. The carry-on bag has maximum dimensions of 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. 

The moment your personal item and carry-on bag adhere, you can bring both to your flight free of cost. It will be assumed that enough room is there on the plane at the time you board. If not, your carry-on bags are subject to gate checking without additional cost for you.

2. Lap infant and strollers: Enjoying Delta flights, with children and infants under 2 years old can easily travel on the lap of an adult for free on the domestic flights. The child traveling for free through this policy, the child’s baggage counts along with the adult’s baggage. On international flights, infants that travel on the laps generally cost 10% of the ticketed adult fare along with international taxes and fees. On both flights, you may contact Delta to list your child on your ticket.

It’s also worth noting that Delta neither considers strollers nor child-restraint seats to be standard baggage. Hence to Delta these items stand for free. 

3. Delta checked baggage guidelines

A few constants are there to keep in mind to all checked bags with Delta Air Lines. The first one is that the baggage size must not exceed 62 inches in total length. Total length is called generally the sum of the length, width and height dimensions of your own luggage. The total length limit is mandatory for all passengers, regardless of any status. The only exception goes for the active military and traveling on military orders.

First Class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One® members are the right to two free, 70-pound checked bags on any flight, without bothering for any change in policy. 

This is absolutely contrary to Basic Economy  Main Cabin and Delta Comfort+® (DC+) levels, as these groups have a maximum right to carry weight per bag of 50 pounds. The baggage fees always vary depending on the locations

4. Delta baggage insurance

It is highly appreciated that Delta already provides a domestic liability limit of $3,500 for a single ticketed passenger. Delta no longer offers any additional baggage protection on top of this previously mentioned liability. However, if any problems occur such as delayed, damaged or lost luggage cases, one can easily submit a claim.

5.Delta airlines baggage and active military

Delta is ready to make several favorable exceptions for active duty U.S. military officer. These privileges may depend on whether the person is traveling on military orders or it is his personal travel.

6.  Active Duty and Delta Luggage

If he is traveling for personal reasons in BE, MC or DC+ classes, the baggage fees on their 1st and 2nd checked bags are waived up to 50 pounds each. If that person is traveling in First Class, Delta Premium Select or Delta One, then they are entitled to three checked bags without any baggage fees whatsoever. These bags must have a weight limit of 70 pounds each and they can be up to 62 inches.

7. An Active Duty Military Person

He has to travel on military orders, he has access to a set of benefits without changing the norms of the seating, whether that is First Class or Basic Economy. In particular, he or she will have the right to carry a maximum weight per bag of 100 pounds. Baggage fees on up to five of these checked bags are all absolutely waived. The total length also varies from 62 inches to 80 inches in this particlar case.

8. Delta SkyMiles Medallion Baggage

Owner of a Delta Medallion Status is provided a few substantial benefits by Delta. One of the most notable benefits is that the first checked bag fee is completely waived,  without bothering for fare class.

One of the best sides of this benefit is that up to eight members can travel on a Delta-operated flight through the Medallion Member’s reservation. This benefit can be particularly beneficial for families who always travel together. 

9. Free checked bags with Delta SkyMiles credit cards

You can enjoy your first checked bag free on Delta flights whether you’re a cardholder of the Delta SkyMiles or higher. Therefore, SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express will help to book your Delta flight. Your first checked bag that is under 50 pounds will be free. The great thing of this benefit is that it can easily be shared with your dear travel companions. 

10. Delta baggage fees and restrictions

There are three main ways to avoid regulations: weight, size and quantity. If your bag is very heavy, very large or you have too many with you, Delta may ask you to pay a fee. It’s important to keep in mind that you will pay a different fee depending on which section of the baggage regulations you broke. It also   depended on your particular geographic region.

11. Delta excess baggage fees

You can easily check up to 10 bags for each passenger on Delta flights and up to four bags can be added to Delta Connection carrier flights. In either case, it is better to be prepared to pay hefty baggage fees.

12. What is the maximum size my baggage can be?

 Delta’s baggage policies point out that the maximum total length of any of your bags must not exceed 62 inches. However,  there is one exception to the 62-inch size limit: Active duty military personnel  travelling on military orders are allowed to carry a maximum total length of 80 inches.

13. Do I need to pay money to check a stroller for my child?

Checking a stroller is absolutely free of charge. Delta baggage policy never considers strollers as standard baggage. 

Within 24 hours prior to departure, you can check in for your flight. Then you may mention the number of checked bags you will be bringing. You can do this on or on the Fly Delta app.