15 Fun Facts of Delta Air Lines – You Must Know About It

Delta Airlines is a famous Company amongst all Airliners Companies operating for air services throughout the world. The headquarter of this company is in the United States of America. It remains a favorite airline to most of the  flyers and tourists due to various reasons. The services of Delta Airlines are not limited to America alone but available throughout the world. The major reason being the cheap Delta flights fate and the best services among others.

This company provides regular information to all of its flyers on regular basis from a long time from now. It has now, easier for them to give information in the digital era. Once, you register your mail with them, you will go on getting various information from this Company. Now, we will discuss 15 points that are fun about Delta Airlines.

1. The Age of Delta Airlines

The Us based Delta Airlines has been in service since 1925, and continued its journey for a continuous period of 96 years. Only 4 years left for its celebrating the Century year of its establishment. It holds 6th positioned  airline company among all the Airlines Companies operating throughout the world. This is  a great achievement for the company. Is it not fun for you?

2. First introduction of moving maps facility

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Every Airline company, now a day, provides moving maps facility to the passenger. Through these maps, the passengers traveling come to know the routes of the flight. The amazing and fact in this respect is that Delta Airlines has been  the first Airlines Company to introduce this facility. Therefore, even its number being 6th in respect to age, this company remains 1st in this respect.

3. Holds 1st Position in video arrangements

Delta airlines captured the first position among all the airlines’ companies of the world in respect of the introduction of video arrangements for the flyers. It remains the privilege of the customers for enjoying their flight journey through watching videos. Even though  this system is maintained by almost all airlines of the world. The fun fact remains that Delta Airlines is the first airline company that introduces video watching for their passenger for the first  time in 1980 in the history of air travel .

4. Top-Notch Delta Airlines Customer Service

Delta Airlines is the major service provider to its passengers during the periods of flights, It provides the best service to its customer. The company has Cheap Delta flights. You can make sure by visiting delta.com cheap flights.

5. Its Main Hub

The International Airport of Atlanta’s heartland Jackson is the hub point of Delta Airlines Flights. There is a ready booking system here that you can buy cheap delta flights tickets over the counter without waiting much. Your place of destination (other than Australia ) may be far from Atlanta, but you need not worry about booking. This hub remains the busiest hub in the world. one can book low-cost flights tickets from this hub without a hassle. This is the only hub for the flyer for Johannesburg directly without via  route to any other place, reducing your time to reach your destination.

6. The web-based access

In the year 1993, it started providing web-based booking and takes the first position among the current operating airlines in this regard. They provide the services of last minutes prices of the tickets online also.

7. Smoking Ban for the First time

It was Delta Airlines among the all airlines companies of the world to comply with the guidelines of the Government to ban smoking inside the aircraft for the first time successfully in the year 1995. It remained a piece of exciting news for the nonsmokers.

8. the First Timer in the History to have 100 million passenger

No airlines company in the world could have achieved the number of passengers in its fold. The fact remains a fun that for the crossing of 100 million of passengers by this Airline company in its fold.

9. Onboard recycling

It was felt a necessity for our earth to remain cool. All governments of the world have been focusing on the issue to make the world a unique place of living. The quantum of carbon increase is growing day by day. Among other measures, the recycling process is one of them. Delta Airlines has been doing this work since 2007 before others wake up on the front.

10. The facility of Checking baggage

Delta Airlines carries the rule of keeping 10 bags in their luggage system rules. A passenger can carry up to 23 kilograms of weight without any extra charges. 23 kilograms are enough for a traveler. This system prevails since 2011.

11. Free Wi-Fi

This company provides free Wi-Fi to all its customers. This service continues since 2008.

12. Flat Bed Seat`

Most airlines use this system of Flat belt seats in their system  for a long journey undertaken by a passenger. Delta Airlines provides this facility to all of their customers but is limited to business elite seats only.

13. Due time arrival

Delta Airlines is the best airline company in respect of the timely arrival of their flights. This has been reported in one of the researches on services of Airlines companies of the world.

14. Own Low-Cost carrier

Cheap air tickets are provided to students and senior citizens by this company throughout the world. During 2000, the company had its low-cost carriers. The use of such carriers by the company is rampant.

15. Existence of Museum

The age of the company is nearly 96 years and carries a heritage of its own. Therefore, they have built a museum for their passenger and family to enjoy.

With this, we conclude here further that Delta Airline remains the best flight for the passengers due to the face of the above 15 information. For more , searches can be made on www.delta cheap flights.