8 Secret Places to Explore in Thailand

There are many tourist hotspots in Thailand that you can visit and make great memories. But, some of us like lesser-known gems where we can take our relaxation to another level. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll be happy to make Delta Airlines booking and travel to one of the following 8 secret places in Thailand.

1. Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Bo Sang village has a lot of offers. Here, you can watch the high-quality and beautiful sunshade umbrellas being made. In this craft village, you’ll wander through seeing how nearly everyone takes part in the crafting of these pretty umbrellas.

You’ll also have an opportunity to pop into one of the gift shops, purchase some and take home. Additionally, if you make it to this Bo Sang Umbrella Village in January, you’ll definitely participate in the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival.

2. Erawan Waterfalls & Caves

The Erawan Waterfalls are a collection of 7 waterfalls remotely located in the Erawan National Park, Kradan. The waterfalls tumble and splash over limestone terraces, where the uppermost terrace is said to look like the mythical 3-headed elephant.

Besides these cascading, the park features lots of caves, namely Wang Bohdan, Mi, Phartat, and Rua. So, if you wish to visit the park, ensure you put on nice hiking boots and bring with you some clothes to change because you won’t resist the temptation of splashing about in the pools around these waterfalls. 

3. The Temple of One Million Beers – Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew

This special temple complex is located in Si Kaeo. It was built with at least 1.5 million thrown away beer bottles. This place started began as a 100 bottles of beer on the wall project back in 1984. Back then, some monks came up with a mission of cleaning up the litter at Sisaket and encouraging recycling.

Soon after, the project transformed into a full-scale construction plan using green and brown beer bottles lined on the temple’s wall, sleeping quarters, water towers, and even toilets.

4. Baanphasawan

Would you like to experience the thrill of stylish living inside a fruit? Well, call in for Delta Airlines flight booking and fly to Thailand’s Baanphasawan. This is a unique resort boasting 100 abodes shaped like fruits, plants, and vegetables.

The resort happens to be the only Durian seed bank, exotic fruit, and native to Thailand. It has orchards devoted to the fruit. The Baanphasawan is an 80-acre property featuring mist-covered mountains surrounding it. It’s a fantastic place for a botany aficionado.

5. Amulet Market

Amulet market is located in Bangkok. It’s a destination that has thousands of talismans and trinkets in a wide range for buyers to choose from. The market has something for everyone who’s trying to parry the evil eye.

The local people flood this market looking for amulets for blessing their homes, bringing good health, and boosting their harvest as well as protecting themselves. It’s simply a fascinating spot that anyone will enjoy walking around; non-superstitious or not.

6. Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

This place brings together modern architecture and unusual design. If you’re passionate about construction, this is one place you don’t want to miss. It’s actually a Buddhist Temple on a mountaintop in PhaSing and a place for everyone.

As a Buddhist sanctuary, this place is rich in calmness and a peaceful vibe. There are a pagoda, gardens, and preaching hall situated on the mountain’s pinnacle. One of the most beautiful features of this temple complex is the snow-white temple featuring 5 Buddhas well structured, overlooking the valley.

7. Lotus Lake

The Lotus Lake is found in Tambon Chiang Haeo. It’s a wetland glowing with flamingo-pink lotus flowers. The place is obscured by tall elephant grass. It’s also frequently visited by villagers to collect lotus stalks and snails for their meals.

8. Wat Samphran Temple

Wat Samphran Temple is a 17-story temple located in Khlong Mai. It features a huge dragon wrapped all around it. The temple has gorgeous statues and shrines. It’s a wonderful place to go for anyone interested in whimsical architecture.