A Guest Story of Traveling Europe During the Corona Virus Period

Corona virus has started biding almost a farewell to mankind, if not in full. The deadly virus has killed billions of people, making a standstill of business activities, especially the tourism industry. Gone are the days, and the people around the world have started in its own pace, so as the traveling industry. The biggest hit of the pandemic was travel industry.

Thanks to the Scientists and Doctors for early discovery of vaccines to combat the deadly disease. Delta Airlines is famous for its services throughout the globe. It has come out with the new policy maintaining the all protocols, issued by different Governments across the world.

Get Together Party

My friends, I named them as T-5 Group ( 5 Indian Travelers ), in a recent Dussera Festival sat together were narrating their experience in recently concluded European Tour even during this pandemic. They always remain in search of the cheapest flight tickets, got an offer from Delta Airlines for their European Tour within the budget. They made a 10 days European tour in October this year.

The tour includes a few countries of Europe and various tourists spot. I also felt encouraged by watching the videos that they have captured. I have seen the video twice through my laptop and almost decided to be included in the team for their next tour.

Corona Virus and the Travel

The group generally travels every year to enjoy their vacations. They had to give a break during last year because of the robust outbreak of the disease throughout the world when practically there were huge restrictions by different Governments across the world. With the coming down of the figures of deaths and number of incidents, they have left for a tour when they get an offer of Cheapest Flight Tickets from Delta Airlines.

They did not fear the consequences of the effect of the virus, because every one of the groups of five have been vaccinated. They have maintained all the protocols of covid  of the European Commission.

Protocols of the European Commission

During mid-April of the year, when the rates of corona cases were showing its graph down trended throughout the world, the European Commission issued comprehensive guidelines in respect of travels for the tourists visiting European Countries. It sets criteria for such visits. It has lifted community restriction measures, especially travel restrictions.

The community related to travel industries was vaccinated at the earliest. All the workers including crew cabin members of all flights coming into European Countries have been asked to be vaccinated. Use of Mask during travel time was made mandatory. Delta Airlines, as a large Airlines company has quickly adopted the measures and started issuing cheap flight tickets for the passengers traveling to Europe. My friends grabbed the opportunity and planned for the tour in early October this year.

My Friends’ Story as a Guest to Me

They have made a plan for the entire tour as per guidelines. The first thing they did was book online cheap flight tickets along with the car rental services from Delta Airlines. They have prepared a list of countries and places of visit during the tour. They had decided to make a substantial part of their tour through road journeys to enjoy the natural beauties of Europe.

Delta Airlines car rental associates have been booked for such a 10-day long journey. The arrangement was such that they will fly from New Delhi to London through flights. Thereafter, they will make the road journeys. to different countries of Europe. The route was so designed that they may come back to London after other countries. During our gossip in the Dussera get-together, which continued for hours was mainly to discuss the enjoyment of 10 days.

The Role of Videographer in the Tour.

One of the five is a champion in capturing video and still photography. When I have seen the video of the great Eiffel Tower of Paris, I felt the justification of the Tour by heart. The visit was mainly focused on Italy, France, Germany, and London. They have visited Rome-the colosseum, Florina, Venice, Tuskan Hill Towns, Milan Cathedral, Lake Combo, Amalfi coast, and Unique Terrace. All the above are in Italy. In France, the places of the visit included Paris and Versailles,

The Cote d Azur, Milan Cathedral, Lake Combo, The chateaux of Loire Valley, the Monsaint in Normandy, the fishing villages, and historic ports. In Germany, they have enjoyed places of The Brandenburg Gate, The Cologne Cathedral, The famous black forests, The Rhine Valley, The great Berlins Museum, and Munich’s Marienplatz. The entire tour was through car only.

London, the Last Place to Enjoy

Even though they have landed at the Hitherto Airport of London on the first day of their tour but they prefer to visit London last. In London, they have enjoyed Iconic Ferris Wheel, Lifelike wax status, the Warner Bros, London Dungeon, The Kew gardens, and the national gallery. They took some extra time for visiting London as this was the last place of their plan.

Our gossip continued for hours and it was a guest story for me to enjoy the entire tour through Video. During video running, I was listening to various stories of interest when the particular scene was shown in the video. I am encouraged to learn the guests’ voices and their descriptions of places. All these have possible due to the cheap flight tickets of Delta Airlines. I have also promised to be in the group for their next tour.