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Air France has been encouraging and spotlighting France all over the world since 1933. An action that is split between traveler transport, freight transport, and aeronautical support, Air France is a vital airline. Air France is one of the world’s major airlines, which is based in Paris, France and it’s a secondary of the Air-France KLM group. Its headquarter is situated just north of Paris and is based in Charles De Gaulle Airport.

Air France Cheap Flights Tickets

Air France can easily be observed with its Euro white scheme of white red and blue lines. Destinations covered by this carrier are Paris, Frankfurt, London, Cairo, Lagos, Casablanca, Hong Kong, Osaka, Singapore, Kuwait, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago are a couple of the well-known objections. Mainly Air France was formed in 1933, Air France can proudly say that it owned the world’s first airship.  Air France has the world’s largest fleet of 747 approx.

42,000 staff members that work here on a daily basis offer each and every customer a  unique travel experience. Air France-KLM Group is created by Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Transavia. Members of the Sky Team alliance are Air France and KLM which has a total of 19 member airlines. Air France is concerned about the health and safety of its customers and staff. 

Activities of Air France

Activities of Air France is based on the four main sectors that are interrelated by the Operations Control Centre :

  1. Passenger Transport
  2. Cargo Transport
  3. Maintenance
  4. Ground Handling 

Passenger Transport

Passenger transport mainly operates the services for the people who really require it, trade, and the economy and repatriated thousands of French and European citizens who really require it. It also known as the center business of Air France. 

Cargo Transport

It has a worldwide network on departure from the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol hubs. Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is the Air France KLM Group’s exclusive air cargo service. 


Airline maintenance is the third-largest line of business of Air France-KLM Group. Its mission is to ensure Airworthiness ( It is known as the condition of the airline and its suitability for the flight) 

Air France Facilities

Air France provides such amazing services and offers world-class facilities to all their passengers. Keeping their customers happy and satisfied is their first priority.

If you are traveling in a business class flights then you can enjoy commodious seats and can watch your favorite TV shows. You can watch your favorite movies and can listen to your favorite music while flying in the air with great comfort, you will feel like you are at home.

Business-class includes the feature of the lie-flat seat which can lean back to two meters in length. Even each seat is having a 10.4” touchscreen TV monitor in which you can have interactive gaming and AVOD( Advertising based video on Demand).

If you want to do your work or want to read something you will be provided with reading light, you can have your personal telephone, and can have laptop power ports so that your laptops can be charged. You will be amazed by the meal services. You will get three-course meals and a cheese service and after takeoff, you will be served with an express menu shortly. Some more amenities that will be provided in business class flights are a USB port, universal electrical outlet, new noise-canceling headphones, privacy screen, adjustable headrest.

If you are an economy class traveler then you will get the best services at the lowest prices. Everyone can afford economy class because of the low prices. You will get amazing in-flight menu features like a vast selection of beverages. You can have light snacks on short-haul flights like sandwiches. Customer will also get a readymade meal, in long-haul flights you have a choice of two hot dishes, on medium-haul, you will be served with the three-course cold meal. Free alcoholic and champagne beverages are also available on all flights. Prices of the seat plus can change according to the flight time, but it’s free to elites and to the passengers who have a full fare ticket.

Some amazing amenities that are provided in the long haul economy are a new slimline seat, wider table, common electrical socket, more space for storage, high definition with 10-inch screens in which you can watch movies or any other thing for your entertainment, a holder for headphones.

It includes lean backing fixed shell seats, it also includes an adjustable headrest, the touchscreen of 10.4”, you can do your work as you will also get a reading lamp, common power ports, you will get more space of 40% for leg rest as compared to the voyageur seats. Here passengers get double baggage allowance, you will get lounge access for free.

How to Book Air France Flight Tickets

Flight Check-In Process

Air-France has strict check-in policies for its customers. All the passengers must confirm their Air France Tickets at least 24 hours before their flight. 

Passenger is free to visit to confirm his or her booking. Then you can go to the online check-in process where you can start your online process. You have to enter your booking number there. 

To confirm your ticket you can choose the mobile app. When you open the app, go to the option of check-in and then follow the few steps that are visible on the screen.

When you have completed your check-in procedure then you are free to print your boarding pass. Always remember that it is mandatory and is needed at the airport for verification. 

You can confirm your tickets at the airport also. However, you can experience some delays for obvious reasons. In the airport, you have to provide all the necessary details like a boarding pass, national ID, along with others.

Air France Baggage Policy

Air France is having strict policies on carry-on luggage which changes and it depends on the travel class. For example, passengers of Economy Class should not carry weight more than 12 kilograms. On the other hand, passengers of Premium Economy flyers and Business Class Flights travelers are allowed to carry-on travel bags with a maximum weight of 18 kilograms. 

The Dimensions of the carrying bag can be 40 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm. If you are carrying a handbag or a laptop then you can put it under the seat during the flight. 

In Economy class, you are allowed to carry only one checked travel bag. On the other hand, if you are traveling with Premium Economy, you can carry two checked baggage. You have to check that each travel bag must not weigh more than 23 kilograms. Before loading your travel bag onto the plane Air France weighs all travel bags.

You can carry overweight and oversized travel bags but the only thing you have to remember is the bag must have a total dimension of 150 centimeters. If you normally want to travel with an oversized travel bag then you can report to the Air France Tickets help desk.

Baggage fees depend on a few factors like oversized bags have massive fees than ordinary travel bags. If you are desiring to travel domestically or to Europe with an overweight bag of 32 kilograms then you have to pay $85 

The travel bags whose total dimension is almost 160 centimeters then you have to pay almost $90. If you are having more than one overweight travel bag then you have to pay extra money.

Cancellation Policy

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