Delta Air Lines Takes Delivery Of 15th Airbus A330-900

Delta Air Lines Takes Delivery Of 15th Airbus A330-900 (800-668-9017)

The all-Airbus A330 fleet is here to stay. Delta Air Lines has signed up to buy 15 more of the widebody jets, taking its fleet of Airbus A330s from 19 to 29. The airline also has a few other A330s on order, which will extend the current order book to 40. With the first A330s arriving in Delta’s fleet back in 2008, and the latest A330s starting to come online earlier this year, the new-generation A330 continues to expand the capabilities of the Delta’s widebody fleet. Here’s everything you should know about the latest A330 variant and its capabilities.

What is the Airbus A330-900?

The Airbus A330-900 is the newest variant of the twin-engine widebody aircraft. It was first introduced at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. It is the first A330 variant to feature new engines and an updated cockpit. The A330-900 will seat between 213 and 264 passengers in two classes. With an updated cockpit, the A330-900 will offer passengers a larger, more comfortable cabin. The new cockpit will be standard for the A330-900. Delta Air Lines Tickets, Airbus’s largest customer for widebody aircraft, will receive the first A330-900s with this updated cockpit. Delta has ordered 15 of these aircraft, bringing its fleet of A330s to 29.

Delta Air Lines A330-900 route map

Delta Air Lines is expanding its route map with the arrival of the new A330-900s. The airline will initially use its new widebodies on existing routes, but it will also add new routes with A330-900s. Delta first announced that it would use the A330-900 on routes to and from the Southeast, where it expects to see strong demand. This new route map has Delta’s A330s boosting capacity by more than 60%. Delta’s new widebodies will fly to destinations in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. In 2020, Delta will also start using A330-900s on flights to Europe.

Airbus A330-900 Flying specifications

The A330-900 is powered by two latest-generation engines. The CFM International LEAP-1A engine powers the A330-900, offering more than 19,000 pounds of thrust power. The A330-900 is able to fly 2,340 nautical miles with a single-engine. The aircraft can also cruise at Mach 0.85 at an altitude of 36,000 feet. The A330-900 offers new features for passengers. The cabin is configured for two classes, Business, and Economy. Delta will operate the A330-900 with its standard Sky Priority service. This means that a passenger can get an expedited security screening if he or she is traveling in a Sky Priority cabin.

Airbus A330-900 cabin specs

The Airbus A330-900 cabin offers more space for passengers. Delta has said that its new widebodies will offer more legroom than the Boeing 777-200ER. With a typical width of 7.19 feet, the A330-900 is the widest A330 variant. The A330-900 comes with around 11 seats in Economy class and up to 233 seats in Business class. Passengers can recline their seats and lie flat using a fully flatbed. Delta also has a dedicated business class lounge, with more than 6,000 square feet of space.

Airbus A330-900 maintenance capabilities

Delta Air Lines has a large ground maintenance facility at its hubs in New York-JFK and Atlanta. These hubs are equipped with a widebody maintenance facility. Delta also flies the A330s to and from these two hubs. This, combined with the fact that Delta has a large fleet of A330s, makes Delta well equipped to deal with the maintenance requirements of the new widebodies. Delta also has a large fleet of widebody aircraft, and it is well prepared to handle any maintenance issues that may arise from the new fleet.

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Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-900 order book

Delta Air Lines has ordered 15 of the latest A330-900s from Airbus. The A330-900s have yet to arrive with the airline, and they won’t all be delivered until the end of 2020. Once they arrive, Delta will immediately add more widebodies to its fleet. Delta currently has an order book of 43 widebodies, including the new A330-900s, but the majority of these are Boeing 777-300ERs. Delta has said that it expects to use the A330-900s on many of the same routes that it currently uses the 777-300ERs on. The routes include flights to and from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando, Raleigh, and Salt Lake City.