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Delta Airlines enables passengers to carry a bag and a personal item at no cost to their travelers. Passengers must nevertheless pay a luggage allowance for checked-in luggage, based on the size and number of bags. If your bags are delayed, lost, or damaged by the airline, feel free to fill in the Delta airlines baggage claim form to reimburse them.

The guidelines on baggage claims for Delta Airlines are based on passengers’ level of service. If the airline does not deliver luggage on time, you just need to contact the delegate of Delta Airlines. You will be provided with a benchmark number and try to provide the solution as soon as possible. If your luggage takes more than 12 hours after the request, the airline baggage policy requires you to reimburse.

Delta airlines baggage claim

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Policy 1800-668-9017

Under the baggage policy of Delta Airlines, a traveler does not pay an extra charge to bear a personal item or luggage. The airline charges 30$ for the first bag and 40$ for the second bag for checked luggage. The luggage allowance may be contingent on the passenger’s destination. 

The airline is liable for any injury, delay, or loss of checked passenger baggage in compliance with Delta Airlines’ Baggage Policy. 

When luggage damage is due to defective packaging or when your bag is damaged before landing at the airport, Delta airlines cannot be kept liable. Delta Airlines Baggage Claim cannot be valid in such situations.

Baggage Claim: 

If you reach the destination airport, you will need to go to the area where you collect your baggage (in some places). They have to look for a carousel of baggage. The carrousel of baggage is the machine used for the carriage of passenger baggage.

Baggage claim process of Delta Airlines: 

The airline provides numerous baggage compensation options. Passengers have different baggage claim choices like: 

Online:-  Mobile app, through the website. Offline:- Airport counter, Airline office, Overcall

Online Baggage claim process:

Baggage claims from Delta Airlines via online portals are helpful in the monitoring of the request for claims. The passenger only has to complete the online claim request. 

It can take time for the application to be accepted. You receive a refund or compensation for your baggage once your claim is authorized by the airline. If the airline does not provide you with the best resolution in the time allocated, the luggage compensation amounts to $1600.

Offline baggage claim process:

The baggage claim by Delta Airlines offline takes more time than the online reclamation process. However, it does not require Internet service in this offline claim process. By visiting the airport or the airline office you must fill in the Delta Lost Baggage claim form. The offset is the same as online portals but it takes longer for the refund to be processed.

Travelers can request a refund, by telephone at +1-800-221-1212, on Delta Baggage Claim. By completing the claim form, the Agent will assist passengers. You will periodically update the statements. As the Delta Baggage Claim Phone number is in place, travelers can access customer services whenever they want. This strategy lets travelers directly and easily access the airline.

FAQs – Delta Airlines Baggage Claim

What is the Delta Baggage Claim Number for the US passengers’?

The airport serves various support numbers in different places. The US passenger number is +1-877-311-7484 for baggage claims. This system is available in several languages such As English and is accessible 365 days a year. The airline regularly updates baggage claims to reduce the traveler burden. For USA passengers that fly to or from the US, the Delta Baggage Claim Number is specifically designed.

What is the Baggage Claim Tracking Number of Delta Airlines?

For tracking claim requests, the airline offers the Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Tracking Number. You must call customer care for the tracking number and request that the reference code be provided to you. For future tracking, the reference code helps passengers to understand their claim status.

How can I claim baggage delayed reimbursement?

Within three days of arrival, you must complete the Delta Baggage Claim form. Only after your flight arrives, can the application be made. If your baggage fails within 12 hours of your flight landing, you will be charged a compensation of $ 1,600, depending on your destination.

What are the procedures for Delta Damaged Baggage Claim?

Delta damaged baggage claims can be obtained via the airline, including a website, mobile app, telephone calls, airline bureau, counter airport. Many passengers prefer online baggage claim methods because the method is useful and time-consuming compared with other methods.

How do I get the Claim number for Delta Baggage?

The passenger decided to contact customer support at the airport for the Delta Baggage Claim Number. After the claim is requested, the passenger receives a reference code.

What should we do if your bags are damaged by Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines shall offer bag compensation to you if your bags are damaged or delayed. Two factors determine the compensatory value:
Time Period

How to fill in the online Delta Baggage Claim Form?

Passengers must follow the following steps to fill in the Delta Baggage Claim form online: –
▪ Open a web browser of your choice.
▪ Enable customer credentials to finish the login process
▪ See the Baggage Claim Form for Delta Airlines.
▪ Download the application form.
▪ Use claim form editing tools.
▪ Fill out the form.
▪ Post some identification evidence on the form.
▪ Selection double-check.
▪ Select confirmed.
▪ You will receive the reference code that will be used for the future process when you have filed your Delta Airlines Baggage Claim form.

Is the phone number accessible 24 x 7 for Delta Baggage Claims?

Yes, The Claim phone number for Delta Baggage can be purchased from 24 *7. It is available for passengers in several languages. The number is free of charge and allows passengers to claim compensation during the call.

Within how many days I will get my baggage?

Usually, the Delta baggage claim form takes fourteen working days. However, it may take the airline more time to solve all your problems sometimes, because of some critical conditions. If the bag is destroyed before the trip, no baggage compensation will be borne by the airline.

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