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Delta Airlines offers multiple ways of completing a Delta Airlines book a flight. Nowadays, travelers are at liberty to either book a flight online or offline. Here is a list of flight booking options in summary.

Online Flight Booking Options

Below is a list of available online flight booking options available for travelers.

Delta Airlines Flight Booking & Managing Phone Number

Book on Delta Airlines’ website

A passenger is free to book a reservation on visiting the website, click on the ‘Book a Flight’ option. You’ll then have to provide essential flight details such as:

  • Destination
  • Point of departure
  • Type of flight
  • Cabin class
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Total number of travelers

The next step is to click the red forward arrow to proceed to the next steps. Once you get the list of all the scheduled flights, select the most suitable one. Lucky for travelers, Delta Airlines accepts several debit and credit cards.

Book a Flight on Fly Delta App

In early 2020, Delta Airlines released the latest version of the Fly Delta App. Passengers are free to book a reservation on this mobile conveniently. You’ll have to follow the same steps as someone booking a flight on Delta Airlines official site.

If you complete the booking successfully, you should receive a flight confirmation email. The email will contain vital details, such as the ticket booking number.

Offline Delta Airlines Flight Booking Options

A customer is at liberty to contact Delta Airlines to request help in booking a reservation. Here are the offline flight booking options that you can try out.

Delta Email customer service

A flyer is free to request assistance in booking a reservation via email. Delta Airlines’ email address is [email protected], customer care agents reply to emails within 24 hours upon receipt. Kindly include all the flight and personal details in the email.

Delta Phone customer support

Alternatively, you’re free to call the Delta Airlines phone number to ask a representative to book a reservation for you. Any traveler can dial 800-221-1212 to speak to a live agent. Unfortunately, these agents are only reachable during business hours.

 The good news is that customer care agents book Delta Airlines cheap flights reservations for a client at no additional charges.

Delta Chat with a Live Agent

The third option is to connect with customer care on social media. Delta Airlines has pages on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For this reason, you can visit their social media page to speak to a live agent.

The agent will capture all the necessary details and book the flight for you. In some cases, customers request them to guide them on how to book a Delta Airlines reservation online.

Book through a travel agency

Another option is to complete a Delta Airlines book a flight through a travel agency. The good news is that Delta Airlines has partnered with multiple travel agencies to make flight booking more convenient. The main disadvantage is that such air tickets are subject to the respective agency’s travel policies.

Visit Delta Airlines’ offices

Lastly, you’re free to visit the airline’s head offices to request assistance. The fantastic news is that there are multiple customer care representatives available for you. They’ll be more than eager and glad to book the flight for you.

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Here’s some good news, Delta Airlines has the best flight change policy. Thanks to this policy, a flyer can change a reservation if need be. Kindly do not check-in if you’re planning to change the booking. Instead, re-book then confirm the new reservation.

Below are a few flight change options:

  • Online Flight change: one can change a reservation on One needs to navigate to the change or cancel section to complete this online travel process. Today you must complete this process at least 3-4 hours before the flight.
  • Contact customer care: alternately, you can dial the Delta Airlines phone number to request a flight change service. The customer care representative won’t ask for a service fee but will charge a small flight change fee.
  • Visit the departure airport: a less bankable option is to visit the departing airport to request a flight change option. Although you’ll get the assistance, you may experience an unusual delay.

Please note that Delta Airlines flight change policy does not apply to third party reservations. In such a case, you’ll need to contact the travel agency’s customer care. Unfortunately, some agencies have stringent travel policies. Therefore it’s crucial that you read the fare rules before completing a reservation.

Delta Airlines Check-in Policy

Delta Airlines offers different check-in options to customers. Here is a list of the most convenient options for you.

i) Web check-in

A passenger is at liberty to confirm a reservation on good news is that the online check-in process opens at least 24 hours before the flight. Kindly navigate to the ‘check-in’ section.

You’ll have to provide vital details such as your confirmation number and departure airport. Passengers must not forget to print the boarding pass as soon as they complete the booking.

ii) Check-in on the Fly Delta App

Alternately you can confirm the reservation on the Fly Delta mobile application. Please navigate to the check-in option as soon as you open the application.

iii) Confirm the flight at the airport

Lastly, you can confirm the reservation at the respective departing airport. The representatives will go through your travel documents and confirm the flight for you.

Travel experts recommend online check-in as it’s both fast and convenient.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Delta Airlines has an elaborate refund policy for travelers. Usually, the airline refunds customers if they cancel valid Delta Airlines reservations. Travelers must know that Delta Airlines sells both refundable and non-refundable air tickets.

If your reservation is cancellable, you’re free to cancel the flight and request a refund. These days the airline takes a maximum of 30 days to settle all refunds. Additionally, you must know that the airline sends a refund to the passenger who booked the flight.

Therefore nobody can receive a flight on behalf of someone else. If you do not receive your refund within 30 days, don’t hesitate to contact the customer center.

Delta Airlines Customer Care

You’ll never get friendlier or more caring customer service than that of Delta Airlines. Technically there are multiple ways of reaching delta airlines customer service agents. Firstly you can get in touch with them on the phone. Delta Airlines phone number is 800-221-1212.

Delta Airlines Flight Booking & Managing Phone Number – FAQs

I haven’t received my refund a week later. What should I do?

Technically, Delta Airlines refunds customers within 14 business days. For this reason, it’s good for passengers to exercise patience. If you delay beyond this duration, you can contact customer care. The representatives will track the refund for you and ensure that you get it.

Which amenities are available on Delta Airlines’ planes?

Delta Airlines has world-class inflight amenities for the passengers. Here is a full list of all facilities available on the planes.
✔️ In-flight Wi-Fi: travelers can access high-speed and secure in-flight Wi-Fi. However, you must note that the airline will charge you a small fee to access in-flight internet. Today available Wi-Fi plans start from $7.
✔️ Free messaging: the good news is that each traveler can leverage free texting. However, you’ll first need to connect to Delta Airlines’ onboard Wi-Fi first.
✔️Gogo Entertainment app: travelers can enjoy free entertaining content on this mobile app. For instance, you can access the latest movies and TV shows. The impressive news is that this app is compatible with nearly all smartphones.
✔️Comfy seats: passengers get to enjoy comfortable leather seats. The good news is that you won’t have to pay an additional charge to access this facility.

Can I check my flight status online?

Yes, you can! Kindly visit and click the ‘More Options’ button. After that, click the ‘Flight Status’ option. You’ll then have to provide the necessary flight details such as destination and booking number.

Can my 15-year-old son fly unaccompanied with Delta Airlines?

Yes, he can! Delta Airlines has an unaccompanied minor program for minors. You’ll be happy to know that only kids under five years cannot fly alone. Kids between 15-17 can book either a non-stop or an indirect flight. Therefore an adult needs to specify these details when requesting a flight booking service.

A parent or guardian must contact customer care to request a flight booking service. The agent will book a flight for your unaccompanied son and send you a confirmation email. Don’t hesitate to dial 800-325-8847 to speak to a customer care agent.

How can I request Delta Airlines’ special services?

Delta Airlines offers exceptional services to flyers with special needs. You’re free to dial 800-984-8935 to request an exceptional service. Nowadays you need to ask for this service at least a week in advance.
Alternatively, you can request these services by submitting an official request. Kindly visit and login into your account to submit your special request.

How safe is my credit card information?

Delta Airlines guarantees the safety of its customers’ credit card information. You’ll be relieved to know that the airlines rely on HTTPS protocols. For this reason, customers, private information is encrypted to keep it safe.
However, customers must avoid using public Wi-Fi to access the website. Please note that unsecured Wi-Fi exposes you to ill-intentioned people such as hackers that may steal your sensitive information.

What can I do on the Fly Delta Mobile App?

Technically you can complete multiple travel processes on the Fly Delta mobile app. Below is a full list of some of the travel processes you can complete on it.
✔️Flight booking: a passenger can book a flight on the Fly mobile App. You’ll only have to complete a few steps to book the flight successfully.
✔️Flight check-in: you can equally confirm the reservation on the application. Please navigate to the ‘Flight Check-in’ section.
✔️Flight cancellation: unlike before, customers can complete a flight cancellation on the Fly mobile app. All you need to do is to navigate to the change/cancel section. You’ll only need to provide your flight details.
✔️Request exceptional assistance: one can equally use the app to request exceptional services. As mentioned earlier, Delta Airlines offers special services to flyers with special needs.

What’s Delta Airlines’ baggage policy?

Delta Airlines allows travelers to carry a luggage bag if they like. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small baggage fee. Technically, luggage fees are not constant as they vary depending on a few factors.
For example, overweight travel bags attract higher luggage fees. Additionally, the more the travel bags, the higher the payable baggage fee.

Here is a list of Delta Airlines baggage policies.

♦ Each passenger can bring one carry-on bag
♦ A flyer can carry one personal item
♦ A client will pay $30 for the first checked bag
♦ A second checked suitcase will cost you $40
♦ Each travel bag must not exceed 157 centimeters.

Can I upgrade my travel class?

Yes, you can! A traveler can upgrade from one cabin class to a different one. The good news is that you can upgrade the seat online. Nowadays, customers can use their Delta SkyMiles points to upgrade a seat.
Kindly visit and select your air ticket. If your air ticket is eligible, you can use the miles to upgrade it. Please note that the airline will charge you a small fee to upgrade to a fancier cabin class.

I’d like to book a reservation for a few family members. Can I book a group reservation?

Yes, you can! Technically a group must consist of at least ten members or more. Travelers need to visit to fill out a Group travel request form. The beauty of group reservations is that they attract discounts.

Additionally, group members do not have to clear the booking fee at once. You’re free to pay the fee slowly as long as you pay it before the flight. Today, you can also contact delta airlines customer service if you’d like to book a group reservation.

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