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Cheap Flights Baggage Policy 1-870-770-7090 w/ Delta Airlines Reservations

Delta Airlines lets customers carry baggage at a sensible fee. Apart from that, the Delta baggage policy spells out multiple travel-friendly policies for all its customers.

Cheap Flights Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy 1-870-770-7090

Passengers can bring carry-on to the plane as long as it doesn’t exceed the set limit. A carry-on bag must not measure more than 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. In most cases, the airlines cap the weight limit at 10 kilograms.

For some destinations such as Singapore, no carry-on bag should surpass 7 kilograms. Thankfully, Delta baggage policy does not charge passengers any fee for carry-on luggage.

Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

Delta International baggage fees are fixed, irrespective of your destination. Each passenger will have to pay $30 for their first Delta Airlines checked baggage. If you have a second bag, you’ll have to cough up an additional $40.A third checked travel bag will cost you an extra luggage fee of $150.

How to Check-in Baggage 18

Passengers are free to check in 2 hours before the set down departure time. A second option is to clear the baggage fees on the Fly Delta mobile application, or You’ll have to give all the baggage details while confirming your Delta Airlines Cheap Flights Ticket.

Currently, there are many online payment options you can try out. They include:

  • Visa
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • UATP
  • MasterCard

Delta Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

Delta insists that none of your travel bags should surpass 50 pounds. Delta Airlines Baggage Weight Limit Travelers must note that Delta Airline weights all Delta International baggage before they authorize one to load the luggage bag onto the plane.

An overweight travel bag can only weigh up to 70 pounds. At the moment, the airline has fixed the maximum size limit at 62 inches.

Delta Overweight Baggage Fees

By now, travelers know that Delta Airlines is strict on both size and weight baggage restrictions. That isn’t to suggest that the airline doesn’t allow overweight travel bags onto the plane. However, you’ll have to pay at least $85 for each travel bag whose weight exceeds 50lbs.

How to Avoid spending too much Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

Recently, customers have been complaining that Delta Airlines international fees are too high. Thus, we’ll advise you on how to save more on baggage fares with Delta Airlines.

  • Capitalize on Carryon baggage policy: Delta Airlines doesn’t charge travelers carry-on luggage fees, unlike most airlines. Please take advantage by carrying what you need in your carry-on bag. You must not forget that the maximum carry-on luggage limit is 10 kilograms.
  • Weigh your luggage: unfortunately, a Delta Airlines extra baggage fee may apply if your travel bag weighs more than 50 pounds. To avoid this, please weigh your travel bags before your travel day.

Carry essential items only: some travelers have a habit of carrying many items, some of which they don’t require. We counsel passengers to avoid this to lessen the payable baggage fee. For instance, if you carry one travel bag only, you’ll only spend $30.


Does Delta Airlines have maximum travel bag dimensions?

Yes, they do! Each luggage bag shouldn’t surpass 157 centimeters. In terms of inches, the luggage bag must not measure more than 62 inches.

Does Delta allow special items in a travel bag?

Yes, it does! Passengers can bring special goods onto the plane. However, the airline acknowledges specific items such as:
Music equipment
Sport equipment

Does Delta weight travel bags before loading?

Yes, they do! Delta Airlines stipulates strict baggage rules which every traveler must follow. One such luggage rule is that baggage must be in agreement with the size and weight restrictions. If a travel bag exceeds the set limit, the passenger will have to pay an extra luggage fee.

I lost my bag and reported the matter to the airport staff. How will I know the progress of the investigations?

Delta Airlines Lost & Found Central Department will contact you when ready. Most likely, they’ll send you an email if they recover your travel bag. Kindly note that the team might summon you to their offices to confirm if the found bag is yours.

Do Delta Airlines baggage policies apply for all domestic and international tickets?

Yes, they do! For instance, the baggage fees apply equally on both tickets.

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