Delta Airlines Mobile App

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In 2013, Delta Airlines Launched a mobile for its customers. As of 2020, over 3.5 million people have downloaded this application and rated it highly. Today, the Delta mobile app is available to customers in 103 countries on various continents.

Delta Airlines App Pricing

Passengers need to know that Delta doesn’t charge them to use this application. A customer can access all the features of this app for free. All a customer needs is secure and fast-speed internet to access this mobile App.

Features of Delta Airlines Mobile App

Delta Airlines app is a highly efficient mobile app with many useful features. Below are some of the most remarkable that every user needs.

  • Check-in: users will notice a check-in functionality on this App. Deta Airlines mobile app users can click this option if they want to confirm their flight. Whether you wish to confirm a domestic or international flight, this feature will come in handy.
  • Quick Alerts: those passengers that want to receive personalized alerts, they’ll find this feature useful.
  • Flight status: customers can know their flight status at the click of a button. Once you open the Delta Airlines mobile application, navigate to the flight status section. You’ll have to give essential booking details such as the flight booking number.
  • Upgrade a seat: would you want to travel first class? Breathe easy, as you can upgrade your flight booking on the Delta mobile App. You no longer have to call the phone Delta Airlines.
  • Change flight: any traveler may opt to alter their flight booking for a myriad of reasons. Passengers must, however, know that Delta Airlines will charge them a $200 flight change service charge.

What To Do On the Delta Airlines Mobile App

As hinted, travelers can do a lot on the Delta Airlines mobile app. For example, you can:

  • Book a flight: some travelers opt to add Delta flight to Apple Wallet. However, you can conveniently book the flight on this app directly.
  • Re-book: by now, you know that Delta mobile app has a flight change flight feature. Therefore, you can change your Delta flight booking if you so desire.
  • Flight cancellation: customers can invalidate their Delta Airlines’ tickets on the Fly Delta App. To complete this travel process, you’ll have to provide your flight booking number.
  • Check travel deals: Delta Airlines posts vacation deals and discounts on its mobile App. On that account, a customer can use this app to check out the latest travel deals.

Delta Airlines Customer Number

If your Delta mobile app doesn’t function as expected, don’t worry at all. We urge passengers to dial +1-800-1212-221 for urgent customer support. For instance, if you’ve just downloaded this mobile application, you can call customer care for assistance.

FAQs – Delta Airlines Mobile App

How can I download the latest Delta Airlines mobile App?

Passengers can download a Delta mobile app from the Google Play store at no fee. For those using iPhones, they can get this application from the App Store for free as well. Lastly, you can source the newest Fly Delta App version from Delta’s official website.

Can I check in my flight on the Fly Delta App?

Yes, you can! Please get to the ‘check-in’ section to start this online process. After that, you’ll have to provide the flight confirmation number and your credit card details. On the other hand, if you want to book an award trip, you’ll have to offer your SkyMiles number.

Is Fly Delta App secure?

Yes, it is! Developers of the Fly Delta Apps keep implementing all the necessary security measures to guarantee your data’s safety. For instance, this mobile application encrypts all the data that goes over the internet. Additionally, the IT personnel ensures that the servers are always up-to-date.

How much must I pay to use the Delta Airlines mobile App?

Fly Delta Airlines App is a free mobile App. Thus, users don’t have to pay anything to access this technology. You only need to have strong Wi-Fi or mobile data to complete any travel process

Does Delta Airlines App have a virtual boarding feature?

Yes, it does! In 2020, Delta Airlines launched a virtual boarding feature to make boarding much easier. Nowadays, the client will get a notification when their seat is boarding. Therefore, you don’t have to keep waiting anxiously, as you’ll get a personalized alert.

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