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Delta Airlines Contact enjoys the reputation of the most prestigious flag carrier in the US. This flag carrier was established in 1925 and has proven its worth in the aviation industry. At the moment, this airline has a total fleet size of 777.No wonder it manages to visit over 200 different destinations.

Today travelers can book Delta Airlines reservations to fly to both domestic and international destinations. The headquarters of Delta Airlines is in Atlanta, Georgia. The good thing about Delta Airlines is that it has the most impressive travel policies.

Apart from that, Delta Airlines has the friendliest customer service, representatives. Passengers can reach them conveniently if they need immediate assistance.

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Delta Airlines Contact

Delta Contact Number For Cancellation Policy

Passengers are free to cancel a reservation as long as the booking is valid. Usually, cancellation of tickets occurs if you booked a refundable air ticket. Please note that the airline deducts a small non-refundable flight cancellation fee.

Consequently, travelers receive the final amount of all the necessary deductions. The good news is that Delta Airlines’ flight cancellation policy offers multiple ticket cancellation options.

Here are a few flight cancellation options at your disposal.

  • Contact customer service: the easiest way to cancel a flight is to call Delta Airlines customer service. The agent’s number is 800-221-1212. Unfortunately, customer care agents are only reachable during business hours.
  • Online flight cancellation: alternatively, you can cancel the flight on you visit the website, navigate to the cancel a flight section. You’ll then need to provide your flight details to cancel the booking.
  • Email customer support: a less convenient flight cancellation option is to email customer care. Delta Airlines’ customer care email address is [email protected]

Delta Airlines 24 Hour Policy

Unlike some airlines, Delta Airlines has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy. That means that if you cancel the reservation within 24 hours, you get a full refund. Please note that in such a case, the airline does not deduct a flight cancellation fee.

Delta Airlines Policy on Expired Air Tickets

Delta Airlines cheap flights reservations have a total validity of 12 months. Once this period elapses, the reservation becomes non-cancellable and non-refundable. Therefore even if you cancel it, you won’t get a refund.

For this reason, you need to either change or cancel a reservation before it expires lest you lose your money. Unfortunately, a customer cannot use an expired air ticket.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees

Please note that Delta Airlines charges a small flight cancellation fee. Unfortunately, this service charge varies slightly. At the moment, the minimum flight cancellation fee is $200.In some cases, other deductions such as taxes may apply.

It’s advisable that you call the Delta phone number to find out the correct service charge. Technically, Delta Airlines deducts this service charge from the already paid booking fee.

Non-refundable Tickets

The good news is that passengers can cancel a non-refundable ticket. However, in such a case, you only get an e-Credit. Please read the fare rules when booking your reservation lest you lose your hard-earned travel funds.

Delta Contact Number For Refund Policy

As hinted earlier, if you cancel a flight within 24 hours, you’re entitled to a full refund. Additionally, you can only get a refund if you complete the flight cancellation process. Usually, Delta contact number for customer service processes refund within 24 hours.

For this reason, if your refund delays beyond that, call 800-221-1212. If you fail to complete delta flight cancellation process successfully, you may not get a refund. That may be the reason why some people do not receive it on time.

For non-refundable reservations, customer care gives you an e-Credit. You’re free to check out the fare rules to determine whether your ticket is refundable or otherwise.

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Customers are free to carry luggage when flying with Delta Airlines. The baggage policy allows you to add the luggage when checking in or contact customer support. You’ll be ecstatic to know that Delta Airlines offers an irresistible baggage allowance.

Passengers can carry a travel bag of up to 23 kilograms. A luggage bag travel bag will attract a fixed baggage fee of $30.On the other hand, a second checked luggage bag will draw an additional baggage fee of $40.

At the moment, the airline has stipulated a few sizes and weight restrictions. For example, each travel bag cannot have a total measurement of more than 203 centimeters. You’ll be happy to know that Delta Airlines has a customer-friendly excess baggage policy.

You’re free to carry excess baggage to the plane. However, you must understand that in such a case, a higher baggage fee will apply. Usually, Delta Airlines charges $150 for each excess travel bag.

Delta Airlines’ baggage policy caps the maximum weight at 46 kilograms. For this reason, no passenger can bring a weightier luggage bag.

Lost Baggage

If you lose your luggage, you need to notify customer support immediately. Similarly, if you realize that your luggage is damaged you need to inform Delta Airlines customer service right away.

Please visit to fill out an online lost baggage form. You’ll need to provide vital details such as your full names and flight number. You’ll get a unique file reference number to use for future reference.

A better option is to call customer care on 404-209-3043 for immediate assistance. One can also call the same Delta contact support if they notice that any item is missing.

Nowadays, a customer must report any baggage-related issue within a week. For domestic flights, you need to report the issue to customer service within 24 hours.

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

A traveler is free to change a reservation as long as it’s still valid. However, you must know that the airline charges a small flight change fee. Today you need to pay a minimum flight change fee of $200 per reservation.

Here are a few flight change policies available for you:

  • Online flight change: today, you can change a reservation on Kindly navigate to the flight change section.
  • Contact customer service: today, customers can call Delta contact number to request help in changing a flight. The airline’s customer care number is 800-221-1212.
  • Email customer care: the last option is to send customer care agents an email. Delta Airlines’ email address is [email protected] include all the necessary flight details in your email.

Delta Airlines SkyMiles

SkyMiles is a unique program that enables travelers to earn miles whenever they book a flight with Delta Airlines. You’re free to redeem these points to book a reservation later on. One must first sign up to become a member.

Kindly visit and navigate to SkyMiles to sign up and enjoy incredible benefits. SkyMiles members use their SkyMiles number /Username and password to login into their accounts. If you have any issues related to SkyMiles, you can dial the Delta SkyMiles number.

Delta Airlines Customer Service

If you have any concerns, you’re at liberty to call the Delta Airlines contact number. Delta Airlines’ customer care number is 800-221-1212. Alternatively, you can send them an email at [email protected] customer care representatives reply to emails within 24 hours.

Unlike before, it’s possible to chat with a live customer care agent. You’ll be over the moon to know that the airline has social media pages. Thus you can start a live chat with an agent during working hours. The downside is that the agents may take time to get back to you.

Remember that customer care agents deal with hundreds of customers daily. The good news is that the agents will get back to you if you leave your email.

Delta Airlines Contact – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I join the Delta Airlines SkyMiles program?

A. Technically, Delta Airlines SkyMiles members enjoy incredible benefits. However, these benefits increases as you upgrade your membership. General members enjoy stunning benefits such as
• Earning miles for every dollar they spend
• Traveling with a partner airline
• Earn MQSs
On the contrary, Silver Medallion members enjoy good benefits such as:
• Priority boarding
• Upgrade the seats at no extra charges.
• Free checked luggage bags
• Earning miles whenever you book a Delta Airlines reservation

Q. What is Delta Airlines’ policy on pets?

A. Delta Airlines allows passengers to fly with either a small cat or a dog. However, you must vaccinate your pet against specified illnesses. Remember that you’ll have to produce a health certificate. Additionally, a traveler must carry the pet in a well-ventilated carrier.
Travelers must note that Delta Airlines charges a small non-refundable pet fare. If you wish to fly to either the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, you’ll pay a pet fare of $125.On the contrary, if you’d like to fly to Brazil, you’ll pay $75.

Q. What’s the best way to book a Delta Airlines reservation?

A. The best way to complete a booking is on A customer will need to complete a few steps to complete the booking. You’re lucky as Delta Airlines provides several online payment options. For this reason, you can complete the booking online and get a flight confirmation message via email.

Q. I need to book three hotel rooms. Is this possible?

A. Yes, it is! At the moment, you can add a maximum of 4 hotel rooms to one reservation. If you experience any challenges when completing the reservation, you can request customer care to lend a hand. The delta airline’s vacation reservation phone number is +1-800-800-1504.
Alternatively, you can opt to request a reliable travel agency to book a hotel for you. Interestingly, travelers can make separate hotel bookings if necessary. The only disadvantage is that you may have to spend more money.

Q. Will I have to pay the travel tax separately?

A. No, you won’t! Usually, Delta Airlines includes all applicable taxes in the prices. For this reason, you won’t have to pay for it separately. Similarly, you won’t have to pay taxes separately if you book a hotel. The hotel includes all applicable taxes in the final hotel booking fee.

Q. How can I book a group booking with Delta Airlines?

A. For group bookings, you need to dial the Delta contact number. Feel free to reach customer care on +1-800-800-1504. Unfortunately, customer care agents are only available during the weekdays.
Kindly note that a group must comprise of at least 20 members or more. Additionally, you must all have a common destination. Also, all the group members must travel on the same flight.

Q. I am 3-months pregnant. Can I book a Delta Airlines reservation?

A. Yes, you can! Technically you only need to produce a medical clearance if you’re six months pregnant or more. The good news is that Delta Airlines offers special assistance to pregnant travelers. The good news is that you won’t have to pay for any special assistance fee.
Ordinarily, such travelers must notify customer care at least 24 hours in advance. Today one needs to fill out an accessible services request form online. Here is a list of some of the exceptional services that you can request for:
• Baggage loading services
• Wheelchair assistance

Q. What is Delta Airlines no show policy?

A. If you delay and miss the flight, the airline automatically cancels your air ticket. Please note that Delta Airlines’ cabin crew is punctual. Therefore the flight takes off as scheduled regardless of whether all passengers are on board or not.
Unfortunately, a fixed flight cancellation fee will apply for flight cancellation. In most cases, the airline deducts this fee from the already paid booking fee. If you booked a non-refundable ticket, you risk losing your travel funds if you miss your flight.

Q. I wish to make a military order. What Delta Airlines’ baggage policies do I need to know?

A. Delta Airlines has the best baggage policies for military order. Each travel bag must not measure beyond 203 centimeters. Nowadays, one can get a minimum baggage allowance of 23 kilograms. Apart from that, you can carry two personal items for free.

Q. Can I book a hotel plus a flight under one reservation?

A. Yes, you can! The beauty of combined booking is that you enjoy a huger discount. Delta Airlines has partnered with several hotels to help improve customers’ travel experience.

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