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Delta Airlines flies to Wayne County Airport to transport passengers daily. The truth is that over 15 million people book delta cheap flights & tickets Detroit. Out of those, over 15 percent opt to fly with Delta Airlines thanks to low-priced flights to Detroit MI.

Flights to Detroit
Detroit Delta Flights & Tickets

Quick Ways of Booking Cheap Flight to Detroit | Get Up to 35% Off

The following are reliable ways of booking my flight to Detroit.

  1. Email travel deals: Delta Airlines has an email flight deals subscription for its clients. They send subscribers notifications of available flight deals such as discounted flights.
  2. Price comparison: travelers can compare the flight fees before completing the flight booking. Last-minute bookings tend to be pricier than early air ticket bookings.
  3. Call customer center: we recommend you call 800-221-1212 to request a representative to book a cheap flight for you.

Cheap Flights from Orlando to Detroit, Michigan

Delta flights operate hundreds of flights from Orlando to Detroit, Michigan. The flight booking fee does not exceed $ 1600.Usually, during the low season, passengers might get inexpensive flights to Detroit. The flight begins from Orlando International Airport and ends at the DTW international airport.

Cheap Flights from San Francisco to Detroit

Delta Airlines Detroit flights cost an average of $300. However, you must note that the airfares might vary depending on the season. If you book in January, the airline might offer you a 15 % discount. Delta operates two flights to Detroit from San Francisco. Remember that planes take an average duration of 4 hours to get to Detroit. Michigan.

Cheap flights from Chicago to Detroit, Michigan

A flight from Michigan will cost a traveler $350 or less. The trip begins from O’Hare International to Wayne County Airport. Passengers have to cover 280 miles to get to the O’Hare International airport to Detroit. Michigan.

Cheap Flights from Detroit to Philadelphia

Delta Airlines take advantage of cheap flights tickets from Detroit to go to Philadelphia. Habitually, flights from DTW to Philadelphia International Airport take 5 hours and a half. It may interest you to know that the distance from Michigan, Detroit to Philadelphia is 583 miles.

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FAQs for Delta Flights & Tickets Detroit

1. Do I have to notify customer care in advance to fly with my pet?

Yes, you must! Additionally, you’ll have to pay a fixed pet fare depending on your destination. Currently, the airline expects a traveler to pay at least $75 to fly with their pet. Kindly know that your pet must be disease-free for the cabin crew to clear you for your flight.

2. Does Delta Airline transport cargo?

Yes, they do! The airline operates over 30 cargo flights to various places. Therefore, you can apply to have your cargo transported to your destination of choice. Usually, the cargo charges vary depending on the weight of your load.

3. My son has to travel to LA for urgent medical attention. Can I book a last-minute flight?

Yes, you can! For such a Delta Airlines booking, we recommend you call 800-221-1212. You may also opt to visit to find out if such a flight exists.

4. Can I book a car on Delta Airlines’ platforms?

Yes, you can! Firstly, you have the freedom to go to After that, you’ll need to navigate to the ‘Book a car’ section. If not, you’re free to book a car on the Fly Delta mobile app.

5. Will Delta guarantee my health safety during this COVID-19 pandemic period?

Yes, it will! Every passenger must put on a mask when on board the plane. Apart from that, the airline sanitizes the airplane after every flight.

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