Cheap Flights to Europe

Here’s some good news, Delta Airlines serves close to 20 different European destinations. Apart from that, the airline provides multiple flight deals to all its clients. Therefore, international tourists can leverage them to book cheap flights to Europe.

Here are some of these destinations that Delta Airlines serves:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Denmark

How to Book Cheap Flights to Europe

Delta Airlines is committed to helping their clients to visit Europe cheaply by offering affordable flights to Europe. Therefore, we advise you to take advantage of cheap flight reservations. The airline’s flight booking policy offers countless flight booking options.

Some of the flight booking modes you can try out include:

  • Call customer care: any passenger can dial any of the Delta Airlines hotlines to seek flight booking services. The agent will request fundamental details such as destination and departing airport.
  • Book cheap flights on Fly Delta App: a second option is to check out cheap flights to Europe on the airline’s official mobile app. Feel free to click it once you see a relatively cheap one.
  • Travel agency: Delta Airlines booking policy authorizes passengers to book an air ticket through a registered travel agency. Luckily for the travelers, flight offers also apply to third-party Delta flight reservations.

Cheap Flights from Dallas to Europe

Passengers are free to take advantage of cheap flights from the USA to Europe to fly from Dallas to Europe. Currently, a traveler will have to spend at least $1050 for such a flight booking. Please note that such a flight takes nearly nine hours.

Cheap Flights from Florida to Europe

Floridians can equally leverage cheap flights to Europe to fly to their preferred European vacation destination. Kindly note that such flights take a staggering duration of 10 hours and 15 fifteen.

Passengers must note that the duration may vary slightly depending on the country or city you visit. For instance, flights from Florida to London can take 11 hours. For this reason, you’re bound to spend a minimum of $850 for such a Delta Airlines booking.

Cheap Flights from Amsterdam to Miami

Travelers won’t believe that Delta Airlines avails affordable flights from Europe to the US. Technically, a flight from Amsterdam to Miami will take 12 hours and 40 minutes. More often than not, such flights fly through major cities such as:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Atlanta

Cheap Flights from Texas to Europe

American and other travelers can fly from Texas to any European country that European Airlines serves. In such a case, travelers can opt to book an indirect flight owing to the vast distance.

A flight from Houston to London will cost you an average of $1500.Most planes take nearly 9 hours to fly from George Bush Intercontinental Airport to the Heathrow International Airport.

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Cheap Flights from Mexico to Europe

Unfortunately, Delta Airlines seldom fly directly from Mexico to Europe. However, you can opt to book a stopover flight to visit Europe. Passengers are lucky as Delta Airlines has immense hubs such as:

  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • John F. Kennedy Airport
  • LA International Airport

Thanks to these hub airports, travelers can book indirect flights to European destinations. All you’ll have to do is to connect with any European Airlines at any of these hubs.

FAQs: Cheap Flights to Europe

1. Have flights to Europe been affected by COVID-19?

Yes, they have! Some European countries have restricted international flights from some countries. Therefore, we advise that you call the customer center in advance to find out if yours will be affected as well.

2. Does Delta Airlines have a free 24-hour flight cancellation policy?

The heartening news is that you can invalidate such an air ticket and seek repayment. Passengers must pay a cancellation fee once this duration expires.

3. Must I pay the cancellation fee in cash to get a full refund?

Unfortunately, Delta Airlines rarely accept cash payments. For this reason, customer care will take away any appropriate fees from the booking fee. Usually, legit passengers only get the final amount after customer service makes all relevant deductions.

4. Will I save money if I fly with Delta Airlines as opposed to other airlines?

Yes, you will! Technically, the airline provides numerous travel deals including flight discounts and hotel booking discounts. 

5. I have special needs so I rely on my special animal. How much will Delta Airlines charge me?

Nothing! In such a case, Delta Airlines’ crew won’t ask for any penny from you. You’re free to travel with your service dog or cat at no extra fees as long as you inform customer care early.

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