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Hawaii draws close to 10 million international tourists yearly. A huge percent of these book cheap Flights To Hawaii. Delta Airlines’ airfares decrease, especially during the peak season each year.

Flights To Hawaii
Hawaii Delta Airlines Flights

Tips of Getting Cheap Flights to Hawaii | Get Up to 35% Off for Limited Time

Here’s how to get a cheap flight.

Cheap flights Tickets from New York to Hawaii

Delta flights to Hawaii from New York will cost you $550 per passenger. Usually, such a flight covers an approximate distance of 5200 miles. That’s why it takes slightly over 10 hours. Your departure airport is LaGuardia, while your destination airport is KOA, HNL, or ITO.

Cheap Flights Tickets from Boston to Hawaii

US citizens and foreigners can fly from Boston to Hawaii. Plane tickets to Hawaii from Boston go for $600 each. The estimated distance from Hawaii to Boston is 5000 miles. For this reason, the entire flight takes between 11-12 hours.

Cheap Flights Tickets from Long Beach to Hawaii

Passengers spend over 5 hours and 15 minutes on the plane when flying from Long Beach, California, to Hawaii. A roundtrip to Hawaii delta flights will cost you nearly $600. Travelers must book the air ticket at least 24 hours in advance to enjoy available travel deals.

Please note that you’ll travel from the Long Beach Airport to KOA, ITO, or HNL.

Delta Cheap Flights & Tickets from Chicago to Hawaii

Here’s some exciting news, travelers can book low-priced delta flights to Hawaii from Chicago. Kindly note that such an air ticket will cost you $650 or more. Chicago is 2400 miles away from Hawaii;: hence the flight takes 8 hours and 30 minutes.

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FAQs for Delta Flights To Hawaii

1. Does Delta Airlines have a policy on face masks during this COVID-19 period?

Yes, it does! Firstly each passenger must wear a mask before boarding the plane. Currently, Delta Airlines only recognizes KN95 as well as N95 masks. Kindly note that you must wear your mask well throughout the entire flight.

2. Does Delta Airlines give face masks?

Yes, it does! However, the airline encourages travelers to bring face masks with them. Please note that Delta has banned some face mask brands. We urge you to consider N95 and KN95 face masks only.

3. Can I call delta customer service center to cancel the flight for me?

Yes, you can! Although they’ll charge you a flight cancelation fee, they won’t charge you a service fee. Alternately, you can nullify the air ticket on www.delta.com.

4. How much flight change fee will Delta charge me if I modify my air ticket?

Delta charges a fixed flight change fee of $200 per air ticket. Expectedly, customer care will take away the service fee from your delta flight booking fee. Apart from that, you might have to top up if the airfares increase.

5. Does Delta fly from Las Vegas to Hawaii?

Yes, it does! The airline charges an unfixed flight booking fee of $330.

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