Delta Airlines By Phone

How to Contact Delta Airlines By Phone: How to Speak to a Live Person 800-668-9017

If you’re looking to book a flight, hotel, rental car, or any other sort of travel-related transaction with Delta, you’ll want to know how to contact Delta Airlines. You’ll want to know how to speak to a live person and not to another automated service. It’s important to remember that although Delta has a slew of resources available online, this doesn’t mean that you’re talking to a human. Instead, you’re talking to an automated service, one that you can contact by phone if you need to. Look below for detailed instructions on how to contact Delta by phone.

How to Contact Delta Airlines by Phone

There are several ways you can contact Delta, but the easiest and most common is by phone. When calling Delta, you’ll want to know where to call from, how to speak to a live person, and what to say if you’re unable to reach a real human being. We’ll get into those details below. Delta has a contact number for nearly any trip you could imagine, including flight information, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more. You can call Delta’s main number, +1-800-668-9017, 24/7, no matter what time of day or night it is.

How to Contact Delta Airlines by Mail

If you want to contact Delta Airlines by mail, you’ll first want to figure out exactly what you need to say. What is it that you want to book, or what is it that you need Delta to do? You’ll want to briefly outline your situation, your desires, and your needs in your letter to Delta Tickets. Now that you’ve written your letter, it’s time to send it. You can send a letter through snail mail, or you can send a letter through the United States postal service. 

If you’re sending a letter through snail mail, though, you’ll first need to make sure that it’s properly sorted so that Delta Airlines will be able to pick it up. This could be as simple as putting your letter inside of a larger envelope, or it could be as in-depth as putting your letter inside of a special type of envelope that’s designed solely for mail that needs to be sorted.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Number

You can call this number at any time, including during business hours, as well as on weekends. Aside from that, the best time to call Delta’s customer service number is between 8 am and 10 pm ET. You can also call Delta’s customer service number from anywhere in the world, and you don’t need to be calling from the United States. Delta Airlines customer service number works on a walk-in basis, meaning that you don’t need to make any sort of appointment in advance to get in to speak to a person. This is one of the most convenient ways you can contact Delta, especially if you need to speak to Delta about a specific issue, like a flight delay.

Delta Airlines Official Website

The official website of Delta is This website is where Delta’s services, products, deals, and information are all organized and listed. Delta’s home page is where you’ll find the most recent deals and promotions, as well as information on Delta’s frequent flyer program, Delta SkyMiles. Delta has an app for nearly every type of device imaginable, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and much more. The app is where you’ll find Delta Airlines deals and promotions, including deals that aren’t available anywhere else. 

Delta has a wealth of information on its website, and the app is only the beginning. If you go online and search for “Delta” on your device, you’ll be presented with a wealth of information, including deals, flights, flight info, locations, destinations, information on planes, information on destinations, and much more.

Delta Airlines By Text Message

Delta also offers a service called Delta by Text Message. This service is especially useful if you have a hard time reaching a phone number, or if you live in an area where you have limited access to phone lines. Delta by Text Message isn’t an actual customer service phone line, it’s an automated service that lives on your phone, and allows you to send Delta messages through text message. Delta by Text Message works like this: When you log into your Delta account and are signed in, you’ll see the Delta by Text Message option. From here, you can send messages to Delta through text message.

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Remember that although Delta Airlines has many resources on its website, this doesn’t mean that you’re actually speaking to a human being. Instead, you’re speaking to an automated service that has information on flights and travel. Delta’s customer service number is +1-800-668-9017, and you can call this number at any time. Delta’s customer service number is walk-in only, so don’t make an appointment before you show up at the Delta call center.