Interesting Facts, I Bet You on Your Unawareness of Delta Airlines

During gossips amongst friends of the college, I took a bet. The home-going date was nearing fast, remaining the practical of one subject left, we were relaxing and eager to go home for one month break of the studies for the last semester of Final Degree.

The majority of the students sitting together at the breakfast table of the college canteen were discussing and enquiring regarding flight timing, the Topic of Delta Airlines came into pictures. During the time, one punter was narrating his journey experiences with Delta Airlines. I being a frequent flyer of this airline put a bet on my friends on some matters in presence of all gatherings. Since, we remained the seniors of the college, some more young students, junior than us, allowed to  sit with us with due respect to the seniors over the bet. 

Rules of this bet were framed by other students that no use of mobiles and other technical or digital devices be allowed during the betting time. Foods were ordered for the bet with a condition that the loser will be paying the bills of all foods ordered during the bet.

The rules were very simple for me. I being the frequent flyer of Delta Airlines felt a comfortable  position within myself for winning the bet. I would be questioning first, were allowed by the judges after the reply of questions, the truth be discovered through the  use of the internet through Google Flights search by the non-participants’ judges.

1. Smoking Inside the Aircraft in Delta Airlines

The first question that I put was on the smoking ban issue. We are well known that smoking inside flying time has been banned by the order of the Government. Therefore, nearly 100 billion passengers are not smoking inside the aircraft.

My first question was,  reading as ” What was the year of smoking ban inside the aircraft of Delta Airlines? The reply came from the other side as quit. The other students stressed me to answer. I told them the year 1995 as my answer. The non-participating students checked my answer through a Google Flights search and found it correct. They declared me the winner of the first round.

2. Year of Achievement of a Milestone for a Smoking Ban While Using Delta Tickets

 The second question was to be put by the other participant of the bet and the topic remained on milestone reaching the time of 100 billion passengers. It was an easy answer for me because I being a Delta airline regular passenger and user of Delta Cheap Flights, felt happy during the moment of replying to the exact question.

The question remained as What was the year  when this achievement of 100 billion figure  of non smoking was reached? The question was very easy for me and I was a regular reader of this type of quiz questions especially on Delta Airlines, answered the year 1997. The judges, that means the other students started searching it on Google again and found my answer as correct. I remained the winner of this round.

3. Founding Year of Delta Airlines

A 320

The third question was on the founding year of Delta Airlines. I was in the comfortable lead position  in the bet as I was leading during that point of time by 2-0. It was my turn to ask the question as per the rule of the bet. I asked the question as ” What was the founding year of Delta Airlines?”

The answer given by the opposite friend was  sorry. You give the answer. The wrong answer remained the rule of a penalty of deduction of points by 0.5 marks from the overall scores of the participants. The clever fellow on the other side, sitting opposite to the table surrendered before me, simply bypassing the question. He was afraid of losing points of 0.05 in the betting process.

I gained again for consecutively third times reaching a score of 3-0 lead in the bet. As he has failed in answering my question I gave the correct answer by telling them the year of birth of Delta Air Services as 1928. The team of judges declared me a winner in the third round through the Google search

4The Kind of Aircraft used by the Delta Airlines

The 4th question was to me, put by my opponent. He asked about the use of the different types of aircraft that Delta Airline Services uses for their passengers. It was also an easy answer for me, because, I was quite aware of different kinds of aircraft operating in the Airlines Industry. The answer to this question was not in a single word answer. One always needed to elaborate on the answer.

Since I had a lead of 3-0 and was confident of answering the question put on me. I had full knowledge of the fact that different aircraft and their names. I replied as ” Delta Airlines use Airbus A 221, Airbus A223, Airbus A319 Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Boeing 717, delta embraer 175. and other series of Boeing, Bombardier CRJ 200, crj 900 delta flight. On a search from Google by the other judges, I was found to be correct in this round and remained 4-0 lead during this time.

Concluding the Bet on Cheap Flights

Since ,I was leading by 4-0 at the point. The entire judge declared me as the winner over the challenge taker. He lost this game of knowledge bets but happily paid the bill of nearly $ 100 for the snacks and small drinks like coffee of the gathering. One of the fellows in the gathering asked me to help him on delta cheap flights for his outward journey to home. I told him to search for flights. The entire season of betting remained for an hour and all present there on the bet were very happy.