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SkyMiles is a special program that enables members to earn miles whenever they book a flight with any of SkyMiles partners. For example, whenever you book a Delta Airlines Ticket, you earn Delta Skymiles.

A passenger can redeem such points to book an air ticket. It’s worth noting that you can only redeem if you have enough SkyMiles points.

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How to Join SkyMiles Program

A client can go to and navigate to the SkyMiles section to sign up. The first step is to fill out a form with vital information such as:

How to Book a SkyMiles Reservation

Passengers have the option of booking an air ticket using their Delta miles. Please select the option of ‘Book with Miles’ to book an award ticket. The system calculates how many miles you must have to book such a flight based on your destination. Unlike earlier, customers can book air tickets with both miles and cash. Thankfully, you can do all this online within no minutes, As long as you have a valid Delta credit card.

How to Get a Delta SkyMiles Card

A passenger must have a minimum credit score of 700 to get a Delta SkyMiles credit card. In some rare cases, the management may approve a client if you have 650 data points. Delta SkyMiles card helps members enjoy countless benefits, such as attractive vacation deals.

Apart from that, you’ll earn 3 points for each US dollar you spend. Here’s some exciting news, Delta Airlines places no cap on the total miles one can get.

Delta Gold and Platinum Credit Cards

A Delta gold card helps a member enjoy some specific benefits. For instance, you can make 60,000 miles for each $2000 you spend on purchases. Furthermore, you earn more than 2 miles each time you visit a grocery store or a restaurant and make a purchase.

Similarly, Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card holders earn points whenever they make purchases. Surprisingly, travelers save more than $60 per flight thanks to these credit cards.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping

SkyMiles can take advantage of SkyMiles shopping to earn miles. Please note that you’ll need to create an account to enjoy the benefits of this program. Upon visiting, you’ll have to give details such as:

Usually, whenever a customer buys an item online, the system adds some miles to your SkyMiles account. If you accumulate enough points, you can use them to book an air ticket .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many points will I make if I try out SkyMiles shopping?

Usually, it depends on the store you shop with as some offer more miles than others. On average, an online shopper earns 4 SkyMiles for each US dollar they spend. That implies that the more you shop online, the more points you make.

How will I know how many SkyMiles points I’ve earned so far?

Each SkyMiles member has an account that they can log in to whenever they please to manage their account. Therefore, a member has the liberty to log in to their account to find out how many points they have thus far.

How will I earn Delta SkyMiles points?

Members have multiple ways of earning SkyMiles points. For example, you can earn miles for each $1 you spend in booking a flight. Additionally, customers can make points through SkyMiles shopping.
These days, passengers earn points if they visit groceries for shopping. Not to forget that you can earn miles for every $1 you spend in a restaurant. Delta Airlines adds each mile you get to your SkyMiles account.

What Benefits do Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Holders enjoy?

Firstly, such a holder earns approximately 10,000 miles for each $500 they spend. Thankfully, the holders don’t have to pay an annual fee. Secondly, such a cardholder get 2 miles for each US dollar they spend in a restaurant.

Does a Delta Gold American Express have a dining offer?

Yes, it does! If you spend $1000 on online purchases or a restaurant, you get 40,000 miles. Apart from that, you don’t pay any annual fee the first year.

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