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Top 6 Christmas Holiday Destinations

As the year turns around, many people are always traveling to find the best tourist destinations, especially during the December holidays. Because there are several amazing cities around the world, many tourists have found it hectic to make decisions on which one of them to visit. However, Delta Airlines Tickets offers the best travel deals to buy tickets at a considerably low process. Before you choose any travel destination, you should be aware of their culture, political stability, and currency, so you easily interact with the locals.

#1. Santa Claus village (Finland)

Christmas days are never complete without Santa Claus in mind. When your city isn’t, there is a lot more fun in Finland. Towards the north of Arctic Circle, Finland, you’ll find the jolly man wearing a red suit, and he is the only famous resident in the neighborhood. Also, you can enjoy walking through the deep wintertime snow as well as reindeer-dotted forest to enjoy your holiday in style.

Also, you can spend some time at the Santa park located within the village. There are picnic tables and benches. If you are lucky enough, you can find a place to rest. Though during Christmas, the site gets crowded.

#2. Dublin, Ireland

If you are too religious and need the best tourist destination during the Christmas holidays, join the staunch catholic Irish. They have their own traditional ways of celebrating Christmas, and you’ll enjoy your moment in this down. On 25th December, you shouldn’t miss that morning swimming at Forty-Foot Sea-Water Pool. There is also life in Dublin street where you’ll find the locals enjoying time together.

Ice skating, cheesy pantos, docklands, Christmas lights are among the things you should miss in this best Christmas holiday destination. Moreover, it would help if you caught up with carols celebrations at St. Patrick’s cathedrals.

#3. Budapest, Hungary

There is no better place in December than Hungary as the street is always lively with lots of engaging activities. Your first visit should be at the Vörösmarty Square, which is the oldest market in Budapest city. There are lists of stalls that you can explore and buy Christmas tree decorations and streaming mountains. Moreover, you can go to the opera house nearby, and you’ll enjoy the live performance by the top artists. Nutcracker is familiar during Christmas, so never miss it. 

#4. Tokyo, Japan

In conjunction with the American Airlines Flight Booking agency, you can get the best deals about the top Christmas holiday destinations worldwide. Delta flights Tokyo is a city that looks lively during Christmas. Even though Christmas isn’t a holiday in Japan, Christmas eve resembles valentine’s day and is a great day for couples and romance. The decorations along the street are unique as the lights illuminate the streets. There are Japanese-style foods, including fried chicken, sponge cake with strawberries, and cream. 

#5. Paris, France

Paris has been the best tourist destination since it has many fantastic spots and activities that will make visitors feel like they are enjoying their holiday. It’s the best romantic getaway during the December holiday. Delta Airlines and American Airlines Flight Booking agencies offer the best travel deals to and from this fantastic city of France.

During Christmas celebrations, the city sparkles with fairy lights, decorated trees, plus the aroma of cinnamon. When you book a ticket to Notre Dame Cathedral, you’ll listen to the state-of-the-art performance from the best choirs. After that, you can spend some time at the Champs-Elysées

#6. New York City

Every December, delta flights to new york City people lit the world’s tallest Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center. Wintertime visitors can enjoy ice skating so that the holiday can be fun. All the departmental stores along the streets of New York City have the best Christmas ornaments and gifts that your family would love to have.

Along 5th avenue, the Christmas light will make the Christmas festive celebration look complete. Spend some time at the union square holiday market and do window shopping. Moreover, you can watch skaters at the Wollman rink in central park. Finally, you can conclude your visit to New York City by watching a ballet performance of The Nutcracker.