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What Everyone Must Know About Delta Airlines

Delta, an Atlanta based Airlines came into being in the year 1924. An year later The Delta company shifted its headquarters to Monroe, La. It boasts of having a fleet of 18 Huff-Daland Duster Petrel 31 planes. They boast of being the largest privately owned Airlines in the world that flies south to Florida, north to Arkansas and Wild West to California and vibrant Mexico. 

Delta Airlines and Early Stories

In the year 1927, Huff Daland began to cater its services in Peru and continued the first international mail and passenger trip to South America for the prestigious Pan Am ancillary Peruvian Airways in  the  year 1928. The particular year saw a great event.  C. E. Woolman bought Huff Daland Dusters and named the new company Delta Air Service to show respect to the Mississippi Delta region, the company served beforehand. 

In 1929, Delta operated its first passenger flights from Dallas, Texas to Jackson. At that very time it used a Travel Air S-6000B plane that had the capacity to carry 5 passengers and 1 pilot.

The 30s saw the airline started its service out of Atlanta changing its name to Delta Air Lines. It began its passenger service. In the 1940s, the company moved its headquarters to Atlanta and started flying cargo. It started to offer coach class between Chicago and Miami.

In 1950 Delta created all new hub-and-spoke system. Such system the passengers are brought to a hub airport and carried to their destinations. In this year th company launched DC-8 jet service. In the 60s, Delta flew the first flight that connected Atlanta and Los Angeles. This year also noticed a new change.  The electronic SABRE reservations system was launched.

1970 Delta launched Boeing 747 service,   merged with Northeast Airlines and began flying between Atlanta and London. In 1979, Delta Airlines celebrated with grandeur its 50th anniversary.

In the 80s, the airlines launched the all new frequent flyer program that became in the later years as sky miles. It bought a Boeing 767 and merged with Western Airlines. In 90s, Delta bought PanAm’s trans-Atlantic route and the great Pan Am Shuttle. same year it introduced its website and expanded its route to Latin America. 

In the 2000, Delta added flights to 124 brand new nonstop routes and 41 different destinations. 

Services Offered

Delta Airlines offer services to 323 destinations in 57 different countries on 6 continents and began operating a mainline fleet with more than 800 aircrafts. The airlines are the founding member of the Sky Team that speaks highly of global alliance.  Delta and its partners offer 15,000 daily flights to key hubs that include  Atlanta, Amsterdam, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris,  Salt Lake City, Seattle and Tokyo. 

Headquarters and Main Hub:

Delta Air Lines, the famous airlines in the globe, have its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Its main hubs are John F Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Detroit International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport.

Delta Airlines’ Official Website

Delta Airlines have their own website that caters information to customers on booking of trips, vehicles, resting places and vacation packages. It also informs of flight status; check-ins for boarding passes and luggage tags. The Sky Miles frequent flyer program; weather forecasts, ground and in-flight experience, the Sky Club, company’s credit card and many more.

Seat Maps and Delta Airlines

If you want to find your seat, you have to figure out how much space you need for just carry-ons? Delta Air Lines help you cast a notice at the dimensions, numbers of seat, maps, entertainment options etc.

Phone Number

Once you have to speak with someone working in the Delta Airlines for a reservation or to claim a refund, you may find a directory where different Delta Airline phone numbers are shown. As a result, you can call to any customer care personnel for any problem you face.

Delta Airlines and Sky miles

You can easily join Delta Sky miles to go through your account, how to earn, use and transfer miles etc. You may get more details about the Sky Team Alliance if you have interest to be associated with it. 

Associated Delta Airlines Incidents:

The deadliest crash Delta Airlines faced took place on August 2, 1985. The flight that took off from Fort Lauderdale crashed at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. As a result of the cash 133 passengers lost their lives and great number of crew on board breathed their last. 34 passengers were able to survive. The crash story was later made into a television movie. Many changes were made thereafter to evade such catastrophes.

Airline News from Delta:

Delta Airlines have their own news hub. For latest Delta Air Lines news alerts in different languages you can visit the news hub anytime.

Wonderful Facts about Delta Airlines


Delta Airlines can boast of a whole museum. Those who love aviation are sure to love this museum; It is located in Delta Airlines’ Atlanta Headquarters. The museum was inaugurated in 1995. Delta Flight Museum allows visitors to discover the history of the Delta Airlines. The future of flying with Delta can be unveiled before the visitors.


Delta Airlines became the first airlines to cater in-flight entertainment ranging from film to video equipping the entire transatlantic L-1011 fleet in the year 1980.

  • They were the first U.S. airline with the moving maps in the cabin to highlight the route.
  • Delta became the first airline with web-based access to prolific flight information.
  • They were the first airlines to ban smoking on every flight.
  • In 1997 they reached a milestone. They were the first to be the first airlines to carry more than 100 million passengers in a particular year.
  • They helped our beautiful planet in the year 2007 to be the first airlines with onboard recycling programme.
  • In the year 2008, Delta Airlines announced in-flight Wifi for their domestic mainline fleet,
  • Year 2011 they allowed their customers to track their own checked bags.
  • In 2014 Delta introduced flat-bed seats and aisle access to all their wide- body international flights.


Delta Airlines’ Sky Club always aims at creating a homely atmosphere. While you are busy in traveling. The Sky Club staffs are ready to answer all the questions you ask. Wifi and satellite TV will keep you occupied, when you are on the flight. You have the chance to fresh you up between flights in the Delta Sky Club bathrooms. Varieties of foods and drinks are there to entertain. 


While you are enjoying Delta Airlines flights, you need not worry. Delta Airlines have everything to make you stay entertained. Delta Airlines boast of the movies, TV shows, various games and music on both the back-seat and overhead screens.